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It's true ... our name changed, but our mission did not! 
For eleven years TREC (The Therapeutic Riding Equestrian Center) has struggled  to separate our mission from that of TREC (The Tom Ridge Environmental Center) in the eyes of the general public.  Recognizing the need to establish our own unique brand and image, the TREC Board of Directors has been working for two years with the Nonprofit Partnership to complete a total Communications Makeover.
After many focus groups and interviews with both community memebers and TREC staff and volunteers, and with fundung from an Erie Community Foundation grant, we are ready to share the exciting work of Tungsten Creative.  This change will require many physical adjustments and a long-term commitment to educating the public.  As our programs have changed through the years, this rebranding offers us the opportunity to share that maturity with both our family and friends and those who may not be aware of what equine therapy is all about.
As former Board Chairman Bob Snyder said in his report to board members: "I am thrilled with the creative logo as it truly represents our horses, clients and the love that is at the "heart" of what our programs are about." 

Mission Statement:  Working in partnership with the community, Hope on Horseback
enriches the total well-being of eligible individuals by proving an engaged
connection to horses through supervised equine-assisted programs.