Once again, it's time to ask for your help to support the Hope on Horseback Equestrian Center. There are many reasons for you to give, but let me tell you about just one.

I wish you could stand with me as I watch Brad, a 34-year-old Marine veteran, as he is lifted from his wheelchair, balances with difficulty, and moves painfully up the steps of the mounting block.  Charlie, one of our patient and well-trained therapy horses, is waiting by the block, quiet and still, as Brad is helped to stretch tight and weak leg muscles over the back of the horse and gently lower himself into the saddle.


Determination is one word that comes to mind. Courage is another.

As soon as Charlie moves away from the mounting block, Brad's whole demeanor changes. If you only saw him on the back of a horse, you would never realize the damage his disease has caused to his thin frame.  Brad is a man in charge again....a Marine.  It takes my breath away every time I see him ride. Brad's disease has taken his ability to speak, but not his dignity or the pride and pleasure he expresses as he spends his hour riding with us.


There are so many more stories I could tell.  Stories of the volunteers who never miss a class knowing that if they aren't there, Brad and the others will be disappointed. Stories of our horses that have the ability to motivate, encourage, build confidence and strength without saying a word. Stories of the families and caregivers who face daily challenges most of us can't imagine.


As a donor, you can become part of the story as well.  Please consider a gift today.

Betty Rositer                                                                          

Executive Director  

Ways to Give to Hope in Horseback


Unrestricted funds are a very powerful form of support because they allow HOHB to use them where current and time sensitive needs are the greatest. Your unrestricted gifts are used to cover unexpected expenses that arise throughout the year, such as providing a piece of special equipment or replacing a horse, or adding to the herd when a special horse is available. Unrestricted gifts are the life blood of a nonprofit organization. Your gift in any amount will be appreciated. One hundred percent of your donations will stay in Erie County to make life better for your friends and neighbors with special needs. 


Our expenses are covered in large part by fees paid by individuals or sponsoring organizations. The $200 fee we currently charge per 7-week semester covers less than half of the cost to provide the class. Your donations, combined with grants, make up the difference. In addition, in 2016 we will offer a program for Veterans at no cost to the participants. We are seeking funds to make this additional student support possible. You might wish to consider creating a scholarship in your name, your company name, or to honor a loved one. Your gift will make equine therapy available to all who apply.   Contact me, Betty Rositer, at director@hopehorseback.org for specifics on establishing a scholarship in your or another person's name.


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